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The Birdsnest

The incredible Birdsnest Olympic Stadium in Beijing. August 2008.

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  • The Birdsnest

    The Birdsnest

    The incredible Birdsnest Olympic Stadium in Beijing. August 2008.

  • Pat Visintainer

    Pat Visintainer

    As VP of sales & marketing at Airgas, Pat Visintainer still had the energy that lettered him in baseball while at Auburn. A teammate of Bo Jackson's, Visintainer was all business showing off the safety equipment he'd expanded his company into, but couldn't resist clowning around with the gear at the end of the shoot.

  • David Falk

    David Falk

    Forever identified as "Michael Jordan's agent" David Falk and his FAME agency set the standard for NBA agents. Often mentioned as second to only the NBA commissioner in league stature, Falk's negotiating and marketing prowess dominated the league during the Jordan era. Falk realized the value of a good image and was very generous and cooperative with his time, and I actually feel he had fun being the subject of the camera; a refreshing change from his daily efforts to get his clients in front of one.

  • Dawn Staley

    Dawn Staley

    I first met Dawn Staley as a High School basketball prospect at Philly's Dobbins Tech. The unassuming young girl has grown into a woman that is one of the most accomplished basketball players and coaches ever. And please note, not women's basketball, just basketball. A three time Olympic gold medal winner, Staley has succeeded at every level, carrying her college and pro teams to the finals routinely. As a coach she won a National Championship in 2017. As a subject of mine on many occasions, she remains consistently genuine despite all the accomplishments.

  • Gerhard Gschwandtner

    Gerhard Gschwandtner

    As energetic and personable as his name is hard to spell, Gerhard is the power behind Selling Power magazine. Between sports events, I shot several assignments for the magazine when it was still called Personal Selling Power, including a feature on the PSP staff that included this portrait of Gerhard on the steps of the Library of Congress. I always felt the blowing tie was a little like Gerhard's own little superhero cape.

  • Attorneys in Motion

    Attorneys in Motion

    Location, location, location is as crucial in photography as it is in real estate. Clients that want to push the envelope with their locations shoots make life exciting, but a beautiful fall afternoon like this one in downtown Philly really helps. There's a certain buzz when executives get outside the corporate walls and this shoot for a downtown law firm no exception.

  • Paul Otellini

    Paul Otellini

  • Tiffany's


    Sometime's there's no escaping the formality of a boardroom. Tiffany's was one such example. Tiffany's past Chairman Bill Chaney told Selling Power magazine the story of his radical change in Tiffany's marketing strategy, but it was clear that the pictures of the principals would require the same classic look as the jewelry being sold floors below us.